Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blasphemous Collaborative Haiku

This was a group haiku project I participated in a while back. I wrote the first and last haiku. The second, third, and fourth were written by Ella Jeffery, Laura Praytor, & Teresa Banko respectively. What I found fascinating about this project was that it honestly felt like I wrote the entire series, that it gelled together as a fairly cohesive piece; I suppose we must have all had a solid, twisted mind link the day we wrote this. I saw Laura at school this past week and got the "OK" from her to post this, but I'm sure Ella or Tess won't mind. If either of you ladies happen to come across this page at some point, well leave me a comment or something!

castrated in church
prayers melt into screams that sing
pews are rotten teeth

stained glass windows stained
catching sunlight in their mouths
hymns swallowed by dark

mess of writhing limbs
on an altar of quicksand
biting and aching

dark sullen angel
gargoyle baring bloodied claw
christ crucified hangs

serpent semen drips
come all ye faithful black dogs
the new flesh is nigh

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