Friday, March 23, 2012

San Diego Poetry Annual Available for Sale

The current edition of the San Diego Poetry Annual (2011-2012) came out this month and is available for purchase at and
I have two poems published in this book: "On a Meathook" and "The Last Sane Man Alive." 
I'm not sure if anyone reading this blog is interested in buying this book or not, but I figured I'd put the information out there and spread the word since I'm excited to be a part of this project!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nasal Cancer

Here's the companion piece I mentioned during the last post. Enjoy...


Flagitious flatulent fragrance drifting in the close quarters of public restrooms
The aroma of the once-living emanating from the vents of fast food establishments
     (you may lick your lips, but you also consume their fears and tears)
Potent perfume of sewage as you drive on the overpass, the troll beneath the bridge
     (you'll never successfully remove the stench from your upholstery)
The skunk run over by someone else's vehicle, but whose carcass is nowhere to be seen
A fresh turd of unknown origin, now wedged within the treads of your shoe
The ripe scent of a socially inept man too lazy to bathe regularly
     (he can afford comic books, but apparently not soap)
Vomit from the twenty-something partygoer, causing a domino effect
The overbearing power of freshly cut lawns in suburbia
Rotten vegetation, caused by low tides and high humidity

Friday, March 9, 2012

Aural Sects

Here's a little piece that deals with random sound. I have another that deals with smell; I'll post that sometime in the next week or so.


Cacophony of the clock's alarm
     (and the itty bitty tick ticky if you awaken mere seconds before it explodes)
Crotch rockets roaring
     (unsuspecting drivers with coronary reactions)
Obese neighbor screaming “Harder, Joshy!”
The intimidatingly muscular neighbor hollering “Yo, neighborhood up?”
     (luckily, he refers to you lovingly as “Big Dawg”)
Mentally disturbed vagrant in the alley mumbling about the government
The cadence of sports fans stomping and clapping in unison
     (as you wonder what you're missing)
Dogs barking because other dogs are barking because other dogs are barking
A teenage girl sobbing at the bus stop as her walkie talkie phone whirrs
     (the battle cry of a man defeated by technology that is smarter than he)
Somebody angrily honking at never-ending traffic, wishing their car could sprout wings
The soothing beep of the heart rate monitor as you rest in your final bed