Friday, March 22, 2013

Randall Lahrman–"Numb"

      So it's been quite a while since I've posted another short written by one of my, ahem, esteemed colleagues. I will place all of the blame on this particular author, just because I can. "Oh, I had to spend time with my wife and baby. Gotta work and catch up on my homework." Cry me a river. None of that is as important as my world-famous blog. Priorities, priorities.
     Seriously, though. Randall's a good dude and I think he's starting to hit his stride as a writer so I wanted to give him some space here. We've talked a lot about horror and I wanted to make sure he at least gave me a piece that was on the darker edge, since that would fit well with the general vibe of this blog. This one definitely deals with more of a "real life" horror than anything involving monsters or the supernatural. Enjoy.


     He was laughing.
     I remember pain,” she absently said to the motel ceiling.
     You don’t remember pain,” he said. “Time has erased and numbed the sensation, the need, of pain.” She closed her eyes and her skin swallowed the needle.
     I remember pain,” she whispered. “I remember the hot skin around swollen scars. I remember your lips pressed against wounds needing relief.”
     You don’t remember pain. Vials and syringes made it unnecessary for aid providing kisses. Pain is a thing of the past to be forgotten and abandoned. All we have left is sensation, pleasure.” He pushed the plunger. Her back arched and he clawed at her thighs.
     I remember when it used to hurt, when you used to hurt.” She exhaled and ran her fingers up her forearm. “When I used to hurt you. I remember weakness and loss and aching muscles beneath bruised skin.”
     You never hurt me and I’ve never hurt you.” He pressed his body closer to her, flesh to sticky flesh, dragging the tip of his nose up her arm.
     I remember feeling you hurt. I could feel the hurt from our friends and family. I remember the pain of the entire world imprisoning me in their sorrow.” She wrapped her arms around her ribs. “All of it at once cocooned me, relentless and cold.”
     You don’t suffer the world’s pain. The world hurts because it’s alone. The world only hurts for itself.” His hand slipped between her thighs. “Not for you.”
     She clasped her legs and turned to him. “If you let the world suffer where does that leave us in the end?” She stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers. He pulled her hand away and fingers disappeared into his mouth, one by one.
     It leaves us here to worry about each other. Let the world suffer their actions. Leave the world to face the consequences of that pain you remember. Here, we have our own world.” He smiled and kissed her fingertips; her identity moistened by his lust.
     Our world is numbed by invaded veins and cloudy minds. We can’t see past each other and into the foggy reality outside.” He laughed and clasped her hips. He rolled onto her, over her, and pulled her on top of him.
     But here, you can be on top of the world,” he rolled once more, “or beneath it. At your own will.” He laughed and held her wrists to the mattress. “At your own demand you can dominate or submit without fearing the pain you so longingly desire.” His smile filled his face. All that was left of him was that smile.
     She crawled off of him and faced away. He pierced another vial, tilted the syringe, and filled himself. “Is it weird to say I want the pain back?” She slapped her thigh, gripped her stomach and pulled. Skin tore beneath her fingernails. “I can’t feel anything with this frozen body,” she shouted over his laughter.
     Why is it so important to feel? Haven’t we led ourselves down this path wading in chemicals and manmade pleasures?” He stood and extended his arms out with his head tilted back. “We are all the result of our own abandonment.” He walked in front of her and lifted her chin. “We gave up everything while absorbing nothing. But we don’t strain or suffer.” His voice was soft beside her face. “We don’t have to hurt.”
     She continued to claw and pinch and slap. Bruises took color. Welts rose and hardened. Pinstripes of blood decorated her legs. Tears puddled her eyes, but never escaped to caress her cheeks. He, smile glaring, rubbed her shoulders and leaned into her, behind her, and caressed her back. His hands, his lips, his tongue touched her every bruise, cut, and scar.
     He was laughing.

BIO: Randall Lahrman is a San Diego native and is an MFA student at San Diego State University. He has some publications strewn across in the internet and one or two in print. -Literature Journal. Contributing Editor - Video Game News/Reviews/Commentary. Contributing Writer

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Short Published on Daily Love

Here's another little piece of flash fiction, this time published by the website Daily Love. This one's a bit different from what I'm "known" for, though I think it still retains a bit of darkness and my signature style. It's called "Ashes/Dust," and you can check it out right here:

Let me know what you think...