Thursday, February 16, 2012

Postpartum Depression Leads to Strange Cravings

I've been lagging on posting has kept me sufficiently busy. That's just the way this blog is going to have to roll.  A bit more action during breaks, slow like a geriatric snail during the semester(s).

This little piece was inspired by an article from The Huffington Post titled "Otty Sanchez, Woman Accused of Killing Newborn, Ate Brain: Police." So yeah...'nuff said.


     I was merely trying to rectify a mistake, a retroactive correction. Certainly it was the Devil's work, but even the Devil has a novel idea from time to time.
     So did Jonathan Swift.
     I never desired a child. My life was meant to take a more successful path.
     I gobbled his tiny toes because they tickled my womb, peeled off his face because I loathed those needy eyes, pleading with me for constant nourishment.
     I hoped his brains would offer me further insight into the loss of my cognitive abilities.
     Why did I ever allow another man into my life?