Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bad Mother

This one is basically a companion story to "Wag Alone", in case anyone was wondering why poor Max met the fate that he did.


     I'm coming, Maxie-boy.

     Maria's 1985 Yugo zipped amongst the winding mountains at just past 2AM. The road (hell, the whole world) belonged only to her; her parents were worm food and her only human friend fast asleep back in Solvang. Driving 10 MPH over the limit, operating on a younger woman's sleeping habits, the soothing sounds of smooth-fucking-jazz on the stereo, Maria never even felt the curve that did her in. The flight was about as graceful as a grade school ballet recital. Did she ever hit bottom? And in how many pieces?

     I'm not coming anymore, Maxie-boy.

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