Sunday, November 4, 2012

Collaboration Published in Fiction International

A few months back, I was involved in a collaborative effort with a few of my fellow MFA colleagues. The ever-supportive Professor Hal Jaffe decided he wanted to publish these in the upcoming edition of Fiction International, which has a theme of "Real Time/Virtual." While there is a print version forthcoming, the texts have just been published on the Fiction International Wordpress blog, so you can go ahead and preview those here:

My sections are the two that begin with "Dear Sirs of Happy Coupling..." and "I wanted to rip my eyes out." While there are eight total authors in the collaboration, my pieces are direct collaborations with Randall Lahrman, whose segments immediately follow both of mine. You will eventually see something else from Randall on Subvertbia (as soon as I can bug him enough to find the time to write a short horror story for me. Hurry up, dude!).

As a side note, I also managed the developmental editing on this project. I think it came out quite well, and that everyone was able to bring their "A" game on this one!

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