Saturday, October 6, 2012

On a Meathook

Hello everyone...sorry it's been forever since my last post. I'm just a busy little beaver. Here's a quick treat for you. This poem was previously published in the San Diego Poetry Annual.
Dedicated to everyone who values and respects the lives of non-human animals...or maybe it's dedicated to those who don't...hmm...


sterling clinks fine china
stained with filthy ichor
savor the spirit
that dances down the gullet
wails echo from afar
the executioner wipes
the sanguine blade
upon his apron
relish in

in the grim field
into her moist orbs
so sweet with life
her mottled hair
once so brilliant
soon commodified
sold for magic beans
her manure
perpetuates the cycle

she finds her next life
in the form of prosperous
gilded arches
sentience sliced
and processed into the smiles
of naive
ethereal minds
condiments will mask
the flavor
of malfeasance

the body of mankind
a tomb
the epitaph--
nutritional statistics
the elegy--
a catchy jingle
lyrical lies
drawing flies
that pulp caught twixt your teeth
was someone's baby

the heart
is cheap gristle
with compassion
into nebulous
children's laughter
children slaughtered
selfish tastes
lead to cancerous fates

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