Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sonnet of Samhain (mischief night version)

Here's the companion piece to my last post, as promised (which was published alongside it in the same journal). I played with this one a little more to give it a more modernized feel, whereas the other sonnet was "older" in its feel. This one still basically adheres to a Shakespearean sonnet form, but the iambic pentameter is purposely less perfect. I enjoy them both for different reasons...if anyone out there has a favorite, let me know in the comments!

SONNET OF SAMHAIN (mischief night version)

hey! let's pretend we're boogeymen again
in plastic, rubber, thrift store finds we've dressed
voorhees, krueger, myers—our chosen men
the masks we wear are spooky (fuck the rest)

we'll never be too old for tricks and treats
toilet-papered trees won't be easily stopped
our terror's in the hidden nooks of streets
ringing your bells and then avoiding cops 

costumes adorned with bile, blood, and grue
if candy rots our teeth then so be it,
the devil's sugar is our impish fuel
our classic scares will fill your pants with shit

world at our mercy, let's take back this night
not for the weak, a holiday with bite!

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